As we stepped into Ashvita Nirvana, located amidst lush green trees, we noticed how close it is to the Elliot’s Beach and yet, has a certain serenity about it. The beautiful café is situated on the first floor, next to co-working space. The décor is quirky and colourful. It also has a lovely range of board games, which you can play along with your gang while waiting for your food to come in. The café also has a small co-working space.

The café offers soups, momos, starters prepared with mock meat like Dragon crispy mock chicken, Schezwan mock chicken, barbeque mock chicken, vegan pasta and pizzas with additional mock meat toppings, vegan salads and Thai curry with an option of mock meat. The food is fresh, healthy and delicious. Mock meat has a great texture and is perfect for all those who have quit non-vegetarian food but crave for it once in a while.

We tried a refreshing lemon and coriander soup, assorted momos platter, a vegan red sauce pasta and the delicious Thai curry with rice.

If at all you want to indulge, you can try out the sinful desserts and the Monster Shakes. From Oreo Mud Pie, Cinnamon Apple Crumble to Lemon Coconut Pudding and Coffee Cheesecake; you have a long list of choices. The café also serves giant shakes (which it calls Monster Shakes) in several varieties. Even those with solid sweet tooth will find it difficult to finish the shake on their own.

Ashvita Nirvana is a perfect place to hang out after a walk along the beach and engage in some delicious bites.