A lot of brides are now replacing lehenga with sarees due to their sheer elegance. Sarees are not only comfortable, but they also fit different body types. They bring out one’s natural beauty and make one stand out in a crowd. You can, however, achieve this by wearing your saree right.

Saree wearing is a skill that needs some expertise due to different draping styles. Unfortunately, some women make common mistakes when wearing sarees and end up making a fashion disaster. We are here to ensure that this does not happen to you by sharing some of the mistakes that you should avoid when wearing a saree. Read on!

A wrong fitting blouse

Most ladies underestimate the fitting of saree blouses with the intention of looking slimmer.  You cannot achieve this by wearing a blouse that does not fit properly. The blouse you select should not be too tight or too loose.  A loose blouse brings out an unflattering appearance while a tight one can affect your movement and breathing.

In as much as you have an elegant saree, you don’t want a blouse that is uncomfortable. The assumption that tight blouses make one appear slimmer is a misconception since it can make tires appear from the back. You should, therefore, go for a nice fitting blouse which complements your saree.

Wearing the saree too low or high

The position you choose to tie your saree can bring out different effects. Tieing the saree too high or low brings out an unpleasant look. It can also make the outfit uncomfortable when you need to move around.

You should find a balance when it comes to the position of tieing the saree. Be realistic and consider your belly fat as well as the shape of your body to get the right position.  It is advisable that you tie it on your navel or slightly below the navel so that it can fit appropriately.

For lean ladies or those with broad shoulders, tie the saree below the waist. If you are a tall lady with a slim figure, you should tie it a bit high to make it look elegant.

Untidy pleats


The most crucial part of a saree is the pleats. For you to achieve a graceful look, you should ensure that you do the pleats neatly. Designers at Stylecaret are ready to teach you some pre-pleating techniques if you purchase a saree from them.

Pre-pleating techniques help you find the right draping styles to make your saree appear different every time you wear it. Your height also determines the number of pleats you make. If you are short, you don’t need a lot of pleats on the sarees. Feel free to make at least six pleats that are a few inches apart according to your stature. Iron the pleats to make them look tidy.

The wrong petticoat

What kind of petticoat do you intend to match with your saree? Apart from determining your overall appearance, the petticoat also holds the saree well. Get the perfect petticoat to wear underneath your garment.

The fabric of your petticoat should also be comfortable and breathable to facilitate the passage of air. You should also choose one that is not too tight nor too lose. Some readymade petticoats feature a hook and zip on one of the sides enhancing comfort.

You can also get additional saree flare by choosing a petticoat which comes with pleats on the side. The color of your undergarment should also be close to that of your saree to make your look complete.

Non-complementary jewelry

We all love jewelry, right? Not all types, however, complement sarees. The jewelry you choose should match the tone of your saree and also your skin complexion. Avoid using contrasting accessories on sarees.

Some sarees come with embroidery which already adds glamour to the outfit. Try to keep it simple by wearing minimal jewelry. You can even wear some sarees with no jewelry at all and still look elegant. Be open to ditch the necklace if your saree looks better without it.

Overusing safety pins

Though safety pins are aids when wearing a saree, they are not a necessity. Many wearers use too many safety pins to attach different parts due to the worry of some parts detaching. This can spoil your look instead of improving it.

You should use minimal pins to attach only the necessary parts. Make sure that your pins go under the fabric of your saree because they are not supposed to be visible. Excess use of pins can tear a delicate saree fabric. Brooches are safe alternatives to safety pins for designer sarees.

Misfit bras

You should also be careful with the type of bra you choose to match your saree with. The market offers different types of bras such as padded, minimizer, strapless and demi bras. You should get a cup-size that matches the size of the breasts.

If you choose a backless blouse, ensure you wear a strapless bra that does not show too much on top of the saree. The color of your bra should also come close to that of your saree. You don’t need to a contrasting color that is visible when you wear the saree. Pay attention to details when choosing the bra to match your saree.

Inappropriate shoes


Most ladies also assume that sarees must go with stilettos. Though such shoes can improve your look, they are not meant for everybody. Try to look for shoes that feel comfortable on your feet such as small heels or a pair of wedges. Some people also wear elegant flats with sarees due to their high comfort level.

The wrong length of the pallu

The pallu is also another critical element of a saree. The length of the pallu determines your overall appearance. You should avoid a short pallu since it mostly looks outmoded. You should choose the length of the pallu as per your height. The ideal length should be about 5 inches at knee-level.