The trend of adding activated charcoal to ice cream started at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in New York City a couple of years ago. And it caught on across the globe like wildfire. Namma Chennai also has a bistro serving the goth ice cream.Sitcom-The Drama Diner, a bistro that set up shop in Neelankarai in August 2017, has it on their menu. The American Diner serving burgers, pizzas, pastas, hotdogs and a good collection of hot and cold beverages with pastries and bakery items.

Chef Koushik Shankar aka The Mad Chef and COO of Sitcom has brought in the black ice cream to Chennai. The ice-cream is prepared with activated charcoal and served in charcoal infused black waffle cone. It is topped with rainbow sprinklers that look lovely against the black ice cream. The ice-cream also has mildly spiced coconut in it. If you are not a fan of coconut in your dessert, do not snub it completely. The flavour is not that apparent at all.

 The black ice cream is a huge hit among Chennai foodies and the bistro has been regularly getting enthusiasts from far and wide. They are nominally priced at Rs 150 to 180. Try it out!