Imagine flying in hot air balloon up in the sky with some cold wind gushing down on your face! If you love the idea, you should be excited to hear that the fifth edition of the Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival is happening in Mahindra World City near Chengalpet. It is a weekend festival that starts from January 4 and goes on till January 6, 2019.

Celebrating the success of the last four years and adding more fun to the events, the Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival 2019 is going to be bigger and better. Usually held only in Pollachi, this year the festival will kick off in Chennai and then move to Pollachi subsequently.  This 5th edition of Global Hot Air Balloon Festivals is organised by the Global Media Box and The Slaves with the support of Department of Tourism Tamil Nadu.  The objective is to set a unique variety of family amusement through hot air balloon rides intending to make Chennai & Pollachi a well-known spot for tourism.

The 5th edition will see participation of six countries. This time they will not only have more number of balloons for hot air balloon flying events, but also have them in different shapes as most of the international festivals around the worlds do.

 Adding to the party, they have music concerts and other cultural shows so have access to world-class entertainment. For kids, they will have beautiful colouring contests and fun activities. You can expect a wide array of delicious food and snacks at the event.

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Location: Mahindra World City, Chennai

Time: January 4 to 6