It is difficult to tell a good story in less than 10 minutes. And to use the medium of cinema for the same is probably even more difficult as it involves a good screenplay, talented actors, exemplary camera wielding and much more. So if you have been waiting for an appropriate platform to showcase your amazing short film, here is your chance. The Short+Sweet Film Festival will be debuting in India with the inaugural programme in Chennai. The Festival Director is none other than Mathivanan Rajendran, the multi-talented and award winning director, writer, actor and Artistic Director of Stray Factory.

Short+Sweet (S+S) is the biggest 10 minute performing arts festival in the world with events in more than 30 cities across 10 countries. They have been around for 20 years with the first S+S Theatre Festival in Sydney Australia in 2002 and to date have presented over 5,000 original new works in theatre, music and dance. They started presenting theatre festivals in New Delhi in 2010 and since then have expanded to Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata plus occasional and touring programs in a host of other cities. They are debuting their cinema version in India now.

If you are thinking how it will be different from other film festivals, well let’s just say it is not your average short film festival. Local winners will get the chance to have their film screened at the Worldwide Short+Sweet Gala Final to be held at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on August 25, 2017. There are many other awesome prizes up for grabs including mentorships with working Hollywood industry professional, producers and actors who are alumni or on the Stella Adler Theater Board.

The S+S will be a great platform to foster connections, open new doors and look around for inspiration for aspiring filmmakers as well. The heats for the festival will be held from June 22-24 at Wandering Artist, RA Puram followed by the gala final on June 25.

Chennai filmmakers are eligible for submission fee waivers. For the fee waiver code send a mail to and for details about the film festival log into