As one walks into the five-star property, ITC Grand Chola, it is not easy to miss Fabelle, their in-house luxury chocolate boutique located at the left side of the entrance, before one hits the beautiful foyer. The whiff of chocolate emanating in the air and the decadent chocolates and desserts on prominent display as you enter are enough to bring much cheer to a dull day. The boutique was celebrating its first anniversary all through the week and Jr. Sous- Chef, Pastry, Deepthi Joji’s eyes sparkle as she shares how fantastic the last year has been for Fabelle Chennai.

We are treated to melt-in-mouth pieces of ganache – a dark variety with 67 % cocoa and a milk chocolate variety with close to 33 % cocoa. As you pop them in one by one, the creaminess of the ganache slowly melts in your mouth causing a sensation, which can only be described as being heavenly.

Madagascar chocolate sour cherry mousse with parmesan short bread

This was followed by a special taster dish that constituted of Madagascar chocolate sour cherry mousse, dark chocolate squares with pecan nuts, apricots and pistachios and parmesan short bread. The mild sweetness of chocolate, the tangy cherry and the rich nuts evoked myriad emotions and the savoury short bread was the perfect palate cleanser for the next sinful entremet.

Madagascar Espresso Sphere

The latter was a Madagascar chocolate sphere paired with espresso jelly on a cocoa crisp. Again, a dark chocolate dessert which was not overwhelmingly sweet and had the winning combination of coffee and chocolate. While I really didn’t have any space left to try another dish, what caught our attention was a plated dish- a Ghana Chocolate Terrarium with lychee confit and cocoa almond crunch. It looked so pretty that you might find it difficult to devour but then love for chocolate conquers all!

Dark Ghana cremeux paired with lychee confit and cocoa almond crunch

Fabelle, the signature property of ITC group of hotels has made quite a name for itself globally. In Chennai, within a span of one year, it has become the one-stop shop for chocolate lovers. It works towards bringing out distinct flavours and aromas in hand crafted chocolates and desserts with master chocolatiers and pastry chefs.

Next time you crave chocolate, just head towards Fabelle.

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