Waste no more time hopping from one store to another wondering what will look good on you or standing in long check-out counters. Leave the idea of selecting your clothes to your new personal stylist! Try out this new subscription-based fashion line called Elyt Club. You need to just pay Rs 1499 for your first package. All you have to do is sit back and get a box full of cool clothes. Sounds great, right!

Elyt Club is a subscription box service through which you can update your entire wardrobe. Once you subscribe to their service you will have access to trendy and fashionable clothes. They keep updating their stock every two months, so you can rest assure that you will have a fresh collection to check out every time you select. Their core team comprises of stylists and fashion enthusiasts, who are up to date with latest trends in the market.

They have three classifications of fashion line: classic casuals, trendy casuals and mixed casuals. Choose what you want. The website offers an exhaustive list of choices through their absolutely cool Lookbook.

Once you are done with choosing the type of clothes you want, go onto the shades section and pick your colour preferences – dark or light. Then finally choose the fit: regular or slim. At the end of the choices, you will come across the various combo packages to choose like t-shirts, casual shirts, denims and shorts. Take your pick, choose upto three garments that you want for your next delivery and it will be shipped free of charge. If there is an issue with the order you receive, you can exchange within 15 days.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time you ditch the idea of going out to shop for clothes and just let Elyt Club take over as your wardrobe specialist.

For more details, check out their website or FB page.