While we all look forward to desserts that include ice cream flavours in waffle cones, here is a new, chic place in town, Episode 23 Bistro that has a unique item in its menu. They serve waffle cones stuffed with chicken as well as a vegetarian version with grilled vegetables. It actually has a pretty exhaustive menu but it is this particular item that has managed to generate a lot of interest among foodies already. It was launched in the last week of May.

Episode 23 Bistro is the latest to join the long list of swanky eateries coming up in Anna Nagar. It has an innovative main course and appetizer menu along with the usual burgers, pastas and pizzas in its menu. They also have innovative beverages like Strawberry Coffee, Watermelon Spice Twist and Rainbow Mocktail as well as shakes like Iced Milo and Nutella Shake. In desserts, they serve handpicked ice cream flavours and cakes.

The stuffed savoury cones have a wide variety of choices – from Pesto Mint Mayo Chicken, Caesar Chicken to Paneer Mustard and Grilled Veggies. The bistro prepares the waffle cones in-house and then scoops in the delicious stuffing. The cones have become their star item.

Location: 1st Avenue, R.V. Nagar, G Block, Anna Nagar East

Timings11 am to 11 pm

(Images : Zomato & Facebook)