The city is embracing fashion like never before. Young designers are coming up with fashion labels that are modern, edgy and yet have a connection with Chennai’s traditional roots. And we recently had a chance to drop in at designer Nanditha Ramesh’s maiden exhibition of her brand Myriad By Merasal and were mighty impressed! It intends to make strong fashion statement with its range of sarees, salwar kameez, midis and a lot more.

Featuring bold motifs, geometric patterns, clean cuts and great silhouettes with a sense of naturalism and tradition, Myriad By Merasal is all about bringing an ethnic renaissance to your wardrobe. If you are still wondering what ‘Merasal’ means, well we must tell you it can’t be hunted down in a dictionary. It is an emotion. One that makes hearts stop and heads turn!

The brand is best described as a theatrical mishmash of bright colours, dazzling designs and bold motifs.  The signature line has six different collections – Meera, Semicolon, Neelambari, Kalamkari, Ikat and Aura. Meera is a poetic symbol of grace and simplicity using colours and prints that establish both the simple quirks and mysterious elegance of the modern-day independent woman. With the rendering of geometric accuracy, bold, stark colours and minimalism, Semicolon offers Mondrian-esque pieces incorporating simple angular designs to build complex magnificence. Neelambari is inspired by patterns seen in nature. Filled with floral motifs, it is a true representation of the Indian Art-Nouveau; the effervescence of tradition in the empowered woman blossoms through it. The Kalamkari flaunts a symbiosis of modernity and tradition; a stunningly youthful amalgamation of traditional Kalamkari motifs under modern aestheticism. Ikat, as the name suggests, features a contemporary take on the traditional techniques of ikat printing. Aura aims at capturing a hint of the true essence of femininity through its heartfelt colour schemes and exquisite patterns.

Nandhitha’s brand is a story of courage and modernity embedded in each and every piece of creation. It is an ode to the strength of women and the celebration of life.

To check out the complete collection, just go to their Facebook store .

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