Let’s face it – you are struggling to move out of your air-conditioned abode every morning to reach your workplace. The journey seems extra-excruciating with the sun breathing down your neck. By the time you reach your office you feel exhausted and absolutely dehydrated. The body is losing important minerals as you sweat it out. It is essential to supply your body with necessary energy and cool it naturally. These are our top picks to help you fight the summer onslaught:

Tender Coconut Water

It is the most common coolant found across the city. Coconut water pacifies the vitiated pitta dosha, acts as an appetiser, bladder purifier and thirst quencher. Each tender coconut may contain around 200 to 1000 ml of water, depending on the size and species. It is rich in electrolytes and it is a best known medicine for dehydration. Consume atleast one tender coconut per day to stay away from heat-related problems.


This fruit is the ultimate beat-the heat treat. It may be a predictable pick, but a juicy wedge of watermelon never loses its appeal on a sweaty, summer day. Watermelon (as the name suggests) is constituted of 92% water, which means it can help fill you up, cool you down, and fight bloat by helping to rid your body of excess sodium. This one’s a no-brainer and available in abundance in the city.

Nannari Sarbath

As the temperature in the city, it is necessary to consume a lot of fluids. The best way of consuming fluids is having sarbaths. They are not only great replacement of water but also your best companion in terms of health. Nannari sarbath is prepared using nannari or sarsaparilla roots syrup along with vilam pazham syrup (bael fruit syrup). The drink is a natural coolant and can help you easily glide through the scorching heat. It has excellent medicinal diuretic properties, keeps the mind calm and cool, helps in prevention of sun stroke and also purifies blood.


Nungu, also known as palm fruit, is a refreshing treat for those languishing in India’s insufferably hot summers. Also known as ice-apple, this delicious fruit is a translucent jelly and has a cooling effect on the body. It provides a perfect balance of minerals and sugar for the body during the summer season. The fruit, which is available in abundance during the hot season, is rich in B vitamins, iron and calcium.


This one is probably the most common and has been a part of our summer diet for decades. But that does not undermine its importance as a natural coolant. Originally butter milk was prepared from curd after segregating the butter. Nowadays, it is prepared by mixing water with concentrated curd by adding salt and chilly before serving. Apart from the fact that it is refreshing and lowers down body temperature, it contains certain bacteria that enhance the digestion rate and provides support to the immune system. Buttermilk is filled with various nutrients like calcium and hence, proves to be very nutritive. It is a great drink to get over the heat.