Is it possible to get high on ice-creams? Apparently, it is! If you have not yet visited the coolest ice-cream place in town, we suggest you do. Oh So Stoned!, located on TTK Road, has warm, bright-lit, pop-coloured interiors, French doors and windows and a very trippy LED signboard with bright bulbs et all. There is also a small al-fresco setting outside. Once you set foot inside, the smell of warm waffles, brownies, countless dessert toppings and toasted nuts is enough to make you crave for their offerings. The outlet is open well past midnight.

With a passion for rich creamy ice creams, the creators of ‘Oh So Stoned!’ wanted to start something quirky, fun and totally irresistible. ‘Get high on Ice Cream’ is their motto and they literally believe in taking their creations to all new heights!

From their vast menu (based on popular movies and books), we tried their two signature products this weekend. The Brownie Blast Sundae that has rich dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream fused together gooey chocolate brownie and topped with their secret sauce (a combination of caramel and chocolate sauce, we think!). We were in dessert heaven! The richness and the textures of this sundae are enough to make a dull day bright.

Since Bubble Waffles have been decorating Instagram foodie posts all across the globe, we also tried the Nutella craze Bubble Waffle. For those still unaware of heights of social media frenzy over this form of waffle, this one looks like a waffle in bubble wrap form. It’s often served as a waffle cone or a sundae, with ice cream and lashings of sauce. The particular Bubble Waffle we had was filled with creamy vanilla ice cream, Nutella sauce, choco chips, choco stick and colossal amounts of whipped cream. This one is a show stealer! The warm waffle cone against the cold ice cream and the multiple toppings make for a fuzzy and lovely dessert meal. The menu also boasts of a range of thick shakes, ice creams and Belgian waffles.

However, if you do enjoy liquor in desserts, you can check out the High Spirits section in the Stoned Sundaes. They have options like Boozy Banoffee topped with their signature whiskey caramel sauce; Rum Baba where coffee ice cream is mixed with chocolate rum balls and doused in chocolate rum fudge sauce; Drunken Nuts about Toffee where Almond Praline Toffee fused with chocolate ice cream, topped with toasted almonds and signature rum chocolate sauce.

Oh So Stoned! has recently opened an outlet in Adyar as well. You have no excuse to not go now!

Location: Oh So Stoned, 324, TTK Road, Alwarpet and 100 ft Road, No 32, 1st Avenue, Shastri Nagar, Adyar

Timings: 12 pm to 1 am