If you are visiting Hyderabad for work or a friend’s wedding and have a day or two to yourself, plan a trip to the Anantagiri hills. It is a splendid summer retreat in Telangana and one of the few remaining pollution-free hill stations of India. Rich in minerals and salubrious environment, it vouches for captivating landscape. Owing to the lovely landscape Anantagiri experiences excellent weather all through the year. Thus, you may plan your holiday anytime you wish too. 

Set atop the Tirumala range, Anantagiri is known for its coffee plantations. Take a tour of the plantations with one of the locals selling coffee powder, peppercorns, cinnamon and soybeans at the roadside stalls. This is also the place to enjoy a cup of freshly-brewed coffee.

Anantagiri Hill is the birthplace of Musi river, which flows through Hyderabad. The small reservoir, the lush green jungle, the jungle trail are added attractions to this place covered by thick vegetation and beautiful streams with fresh water.

It is also popular for trekking and it offers many trekking and camping opportunities. There are two trekking trails in the forests, one that begins from the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple and another one starts 0.5 km from the temple, towards Kerelli. There is a viewpoint on the hill top which can be reached from the temple.

Ananta Temple

A few kilometres away from Anantagiri is Galikonda, a vantage point that offers great views of the valley below, and, sometimes, wild honey on sale. The breathtakingly beautiful Borra caves make for an excellent excursion option from Anantagiri. The natural formation of the limestone Borra Caves is unique and has attracted tourists through the years.  Said to have been discovered when a cow fell through the hole at the top, these caves are a treasure trove of stalagmites, stalactites and underwater streams, and it makes sense to hire a guide even if just to hear all the different names the formations have been given. 

Borra Caves (Source : India Travel Blog)

You also can’t miss taking a dip in the pool at the base of the Katiki Falls. They’re not easy to get to – a bone-jarring 7km jeep ride and then a 12km hike up – but the pool is worth the effort. And finally, if you have time, drive on to the Padmapuram Gardens, which were set up in 1942 to supply produce to the troops in action in the Second World War. 

Anantagiri Hills are the perfect destination for a two-day sojourn from your Hyderabad trip.

Image sources : Telengana Tourism Website

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