Red Velvet, Ferrero Rocher or Choco Lava-just take your pick and 22-year-old Swetha Kishore, founder of the new dessert venture in town, Mug Cakes will deliver it at your doorstep. She started the venture in March this year and has been generating a lot of interest among Chennaiites, thanks to the unique and niche product on offer.

 “Baking is a passion and am used to treating my friends and family with my creations over weekends. In the month of February, I started making batches of cupcakes over weekends, selling them via Instagram only on weekends and realised the potential of desserts in Chennai market. I ended up delivering 100 orders per week. As the demand grew, I started to understand that people liked novel desserts and are open to trying out new things. Then one fine day, when I had left-over chocolate batter in a bowl, I poured it into a ceramic mug and decided to bake it as it is. I researched online and found that Mug Cakes were quite new in the market and were trending world-over. So, I decided to start a line of Mug Cakes,” explains Swetha, who balances a full-time career in marketing and content along with her dessert venture.

 Currently, Mug Cakes offers three flavours (Red Velvet, Choco Lava and Ferrero Rocher) andcomes packed in a cardboard box. The cakes are closed with a plastic top and are so perfectly baked, that the dough does not ooze out while baking. Apart from the delicious cakes, customers also get to keep the mugs that are microwave safe, reusing them for their morning oats and coffee as well. She is planning to launch one unique flavour every month and one can expect Marshmellow Mug Cakes and Diet Mug Cakes in the near future.

 With the white chocolate frosting on Red Velvet, Ferrero Rocher flavour topped with real chocolate balls and the creamy and rich Choco Lava, these Mug Cakes have become an instant hit among dessert lovers.

 They are priced quite reasonably between INR 145 and INR 175 and can last upto 5 days, if refrigerated.

 Order these delicious mug cakes through her Instagram account