On an evening out with your family, you probably would be craving for some nice Mexican food while your partner wants some desi chaat and your little one can’t get over the idea of delicious momos and piping hot atho. What do you do then? Probably try and make your partner or kid happy and eat a half-hearted meal? Not anymore. Chennai now has its very own organised Food Street that has numerous cuisines under one roof. Just take a drive to OMR and relish chaats, atho and momos and Mexican tacos at the OMR Food Street. The newly-launched food hub picked up slowly but now has 10 different food outlets including – Ajnabi, Ar-rab, Burma Square, Dosa Street, Limon, Mexikhana, Milkyway, Stuf-fed, Table 9 and Zuki & Co.

Be it weekends or weekdays, the place is pretty crowded, especially since lot of IT professionals from other states reside around the area. You can start your food journey by trying out the lovely and refreshing dahi papdi chaat or dhokla from Ajnabi. The place is an ultimate haven for chaat lovers. Originally a shop at Fountain Plaza in Egmore, it has been on an expansion spree and now has an outlet in the Food Street. Once you have satiated your chaat cravings just walk out and head to Burma Square. Flavoured on the lines of Myanmar street food, Burma Square offers tasty bejo, athos and mohingas that are a foodie’s delight. For all those who have been missing the prominent North Chennai delicacy, make a visit to Burma Square. After polishing off a piping hot bowl of atho, it is time to give a small sweet treat to your palate. Try out a softy sundae at the Milkyway outlet or just have a glass of soda pop. It will refresh your palate and get you ready for your next food conquest.

Rush to Ar-rab for a shawarma and barbequeues. A fusion of old eastern spices and long existent traditions give the Saudi cuisine richly flavoured tastes and aromas that are enjoyed all over the world. Save some space for a nice taco at Mexikhana with a tangy salsa dip. If you feel stuffed, just take a walk in the back lane of food street, a quiet residential colony and create some space in your tummy. You don’t want to miss out on trying authentic north Indian parathas at Stuf-fed. Their gobi pyaaz or the filling aloo pyaaz paratha with some achaar and curd. If you are not a fan of paratha, how about some spicy chole with deep fried bhature.

Even if you are belching and can feel your buttons popping, save some space for a nice bownie waffle at Zuki & Co. You can probably share it with others, but the rich waffle is surely not to be missed!

Happy eating!