The moment you hit Wallace Garden Road Second Street from the Nungambakkam High Road, it is impossible not to spot Quattro Ristorante. It is set in a massive complex with ample parking space. As you step into the spacious restaurant, you will love the rustic and earthy interiors in classic beige and brown.

Quattro Ristorante is quite a popular vegetarian Progressive Italian and Mexican restaurant with outlets in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Dubai. Now we have one in namma Chennai and we love their unique take on food! Quattro uses molecular gastronomy and liquid nitrogen in their food and beverages and textures is what you should keep an eye on! Also, the all-vegetarian place has an exhaustive 17-page long menu.

We started our meal with Minestrone Tea Set, which is their deconstructed take on the classic Minestrone soup, flavoured with green tea. Our server almost performed a mini tea ceremony while serving this delicious soup. We also tried the spicy but soulful Mexican tortilla and red bean soup, which was robust with flavours. This was followed by a refreshing Chilled Melon and Feta salad, where melon spheres marinated in red wine were served rolled in roasted pine nuts, sprinkled with crumbled feta cheese and balsamic pearls.

Before deciding on the appetizers, we checked on the beverage list and ordered an Apple Basil Cooler served in tall glasses with snout and Classic Virgin Mojito that comes in a mason jar but Quattro adds its own spin to it. The mint and lemon concoction is right at the bottom and the jar is topped with brown sugar floss. As the server pours some sprite in it, the floss dissolves in the concoction below and we get a very spirited Virgin Mojito.

From the starter section, we ordered the Taquitos, which are fried gluten-free tortilla cones filled with beans, jalapenos, tomato salsa and topped with avocado ice cream. This one is sweet, sour with a hint of spice, all at the same time. We also tried the Mexican Spiced Queso, an interesting dish where cottage cheese cubes on skewers are spiced with chipotle chilly and served on a grill topped with some chilly oil foam and spring veggies. Even the classic Brushchetta gets a twist at Quattro as the toasted baguette slices are topped with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, shredded basil, balsamic pearls (looks like caviar) and parsley foam. It is sensational!

With very little space left for main course, we opted for their signature Margherita Upside Down, where the Mozarella cheese is topped with tomato sauce (instead of being the other way round). The thin-crust pizzas are all prepared in traditional stone oven (which is actually set outside the kitchen) and special Italian tomatoes are used for the tomato sauce. It was one of the best pizzas we have had in recent times. They have about 14 varieties of pizzas and multiple topping options.

We also tried the cheesy Canelloni Florentina. The tubes of pasta filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, corn, basil, béchamel sauce, pomodoro, parmesan and mozzarella was absolutely devoured. We also loved the Risotto Vegetable cooked in a flavourful pink sauce.

The menu boasts of mesmerizing signature desserts including the deconstructed Tiramisu made with mascarpone cheese and coffee powder, served with tiny coffee caviar pearls, chocolate dust and Amaretti, placed on Espresso–soaked Vanilla Cake! Quattro also has many live food options such as the blueberry cheese mousse and the Fresh Guacamole, wherein the avocados are chopped live and infused with spices and liquid nitrogen right in front of your eyes! We tried the Blueberry Cheese Mousse and the deconstructed take on the blueberry cheese mousse was quite a revelation.

Forget it is all-vegetarian and go there just to experience food in a completely new avatar!

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Timings: 12 to 4 pm and 7 pm to 11 pm