Love to slurp on thickshakes to get over dreary days or simply like to get sugar rush from delectable shakes? We bring good news! Bengaluru’s popular chain, Shake It Off has opened its first outlet in Chennai. It has set shop at Ashok Nagar and we got a chance to try out some of their stuff! Oh, also for all those wondering, yes, the name of the place is completely inspired from Taylor Swift’s popular number!

It is more of a small kiosk in Ashok Nagar but immediately catches your attention with its wall graffiti and few cool wooden tables set outside. The shake joint was started in Bengaluru by Anil Paremal and Nishant Tripathi in Jayanagar. It has expanded operations in the city since then and now moved to Chennai. The Ashok Nagar kiosk is quite prominently located, has colourful signboards and few jute tables and chairs for all those who wish to sit and chill for a while.

Once you scan through the menu, you will realise the place offers quite a few quirky shake choices. We tried a bubble gum shake named Bubba Bubba and it was quite a lot of fun. A very cool Nutorious BIG, made with peanut butter and banana was well-liked by my companion. If you like fruits in your shake, Pink Floyd (A strawberry shake) or Blueberry Nights should be your pick. But if you are a Chocolate lover, you should call dibs on their shake called The Breakup, made with brownies. They also have a whole range of cheesecake shakes and we loved the Blueberry Cheesecake shake.

Shake it Off also serves a range of healthy frozen yogurt shakes that are rich in proteins and 96 percent fat-free and low on sugar. They also have three Vegan Shake choices with Sugar Free.

This place also has a few munchies on the menu including sandwiches, burger, fries and momos. They also have Maggi varieties to add to your joy. You can even opt for combos of shake plus fries or burger or momos.

Location: 13/1, 100 Feet Road, Raghava Colony E Street, Ashok Nagar

Time: 11 am to 10.30 pm