Imagine dipping buttery pav in cheese bhaji fondue or papdi topped with yogurt spherics and coriander foam or malai kulfi rocks served with 5 condiments! Sounds quite incredible and probably tad bit impossible, right? We beg to differ. Spice Klub, the Modern Indian eatery on Nungambakkam High Road blends Molecular Gastronomy into its menu seamlessly and what we get on the plate is sheer gastronomical brilliance. The vegetarian restaurant has a phenomenal and well-curated menu. Previously having rung in crowds at Mumbai, Spice Klub also has outlets in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Dubai and now in Chennai.

The décor is an immediate draw as one walks into the Chennai outlet. High ceiling, black colour theme, glass dome suspended lighting and tall panels strike an instant chord. The 76-seater is full on a weekday evening, when we walk in.

Spice Klub introduces stunning range of molecular cuisine to Chennai. Street food, mocktails and Indian sweets are plated like pieces of art. Also, a word of caution about their portion sizes – they are massive and mostly a single dish is fit for family consumption!

Kokum Margarita with Chilli Caviar

We start with two absolutely sensational beverages – Mango on the Rocks and Kokum Margarita with Chilly Caviar. The former transcended boundaries of drink and dessert as fresh mango pulp is converted to rocks and served with warm mango juice (it is edible!) and the latter has crushed kokum and chilly water flash frozen at -196 Degrees topped with green chilly caviar (this blew our mind away!).

The appetiser list is superbly long at Spice Klub. We recommend you to have more of these than the main course owing to their novel reinditions.

Papdi Chat

The Papdi Chaat had crispy papdi topped with yogurt bubble along with coriander foam. It is refreshing and pure play of flavours and textures. This is followed by Vada Pav where homemade mini pavs served with pudina and imli chutney, edible plastic pouches, boondi and aerated potato mousse. We swear that once you combine all the ingredients, you will be transported to streets of Mumbai. Another Bambaiyya that gets a twist is the Pav Bhaji presented in Fondue form. The crispy pav is served with bhaji in aerated mousse fondue style. This dish is one of our favourites from the menu. There is also bite sized masala papad, which you can top with the multitude of chutneys that are served in the beginning. In between allthese appetisers, we are served Spice Klub’s version of Fruit Lassi. It is served in six flavours, solidified into spherics that lets you tip one serving of sweet lassi right into your mouth.

Vada Pav

For kebab lovers, there is Galouti Kebab (the lamb is replaced by five vegetables) placed on sheermal kesar bread topped with pickled onions. It is melt-in-mouth and we almost didn’t believe that it was vegetarian! The other kebab that stands out is the Dahi ke Kebab, where the hung yogurt kebab is blended with gram flour and topped with mint spherics.

Pav Bhaji Fondue

The main course has all the favourites – Dal Makhni, Paneer Kadai, Veg Kolhapuri and Dum Biryani. We try something slightly off the beaten track, the Soya Keema Lifafa. These are baked roomali rotis stuffed with soya keema and topped with cheese placed on a tangy gravy bed.

Fruit Lassi

The dessert menu at Spice Klub is straight out of ‘MasterChef kitchens’. We try the Bubbling Kulfi served in an open mouth jar with a dry ice bottom along with the number of toppings such as blueberry compote, chocolate, rose caviar and salted caramel. The Indian malai kulfi is made into rocks at -196 Degrees. This one is almost like a spectacle and makes for Instagram stories. If you are looking for non-conventional desserts opt for their Cheese Cherry Pineapple Delight. It comes with two filo pastries stuffed with pineapple mousse, cheese cubes and pineapple cubes served with pineapple mousse flakes and berry sorbet. It is surprisingly light and mildly sweet.

Bubbling Kulfi

Spice Klub is an experience that teases all your senses and should be on your go-to list!

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Timings: 12 pm to 11 pm