Swiggy is an Indian- based food ordering and delivering company based out of Bengaluru, India. Swiggy was founded in 2014 and aimed at serving the urban foodie from city to city, without any hassle. Swiggy has expanded its reach to around eight cities and they are associated with more than 9,000 restaurants and hotels that make them function with ease. It also helps them with luring customers for They are also planning to grow their unit slowly and steadily that will drive data analysis and food restaurant recommendation. Swiggy works as your food partner and understands your cravings for food at odd hours. Yes, that’s absolutely fair. After all who can say no to a hungry stomach. You need not worry about your food longing when Swiggy is around the corner and of course on your smartphone! Swiggy Offers you the privilege to choose your favourite meal from your most-favourite restaurant with few taps on the screen. You can sit and relax in your recliner and wait for your order to arrive magically on your doorstep. All thanks to the delivery boys of Swiggy! They are fast and accurate with directions. The list of benefits doesn’t end here! Swiggy also gives out the flexibility to its customers to order as per their requirement without any restrictions of “minimum order” policy. To make it more simple, you can order anything and everything as per your wish and you do not have to add anything extra just for the sake of completing the terms and conditions of “minimum order”.

Swiggy has a reputation of closing around 2,000 orders a day with an average value of close to Rs. 300 per order. These are just the figures but truly gives a reflection of your popularity and satisfied customer base. Swiggy charge around 15-25 percent commission from restaurant and hotel owners. Which means the users are safely kept at bay from extra charges. Although, happy customers somehow find the way to appreciate the service of Swiggy delivery boys by rewarding them with 15-20 rupees as a token of love. This kind of an arrangement has helped the users to get the maximum benefits out of their services and in return, Swiggy gets their feedback in the form of the money they receive from their customers. In addition to this, Swiggy also huge discounts to its customers if they order through the mobile application. You can choose your order and use Swiggy Coupons to avail various discounts on various restaurants and hotels. To not miss these amazing deals and discounts, you can get yourself registered on their website and get notified about these discounts and offers. This ensures that Swiggy’s customers make the best use of these benefits and save as much as possible. These offers can be availed either through Swiggy Coupons or by applying Swiggy promo codes which are available on their website as well as their mobile application. These are coupons or promo codes are available for everyone to make the best use of every deal and of course meal!