It is the year of Shake Joints in Chennai. After Hyderabad-based The Thick Shake Factory opening two branches in the city, another popular outlet from the city has recently set up its first outlet in Navalur. Tempteys is here in the city and we were really excited to try their humungous range of shakes. They have an option of choosing Yogurt based or Gelato based shakes.

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Tempteys churns out their own Gelatos and Yogurt and claim to create shakes with low fat packed with delicious flavour. On a Sunday evening when we sauntered into the double-storeyed, spacious outlet, it was completely occupied, barring a table or two. Santhosh, the owner of the Chennai outlet, ushered us in and ran us through the exhaustive menu. He shared,

“Our tagline is ‘Let’s meet over a milkshake’ tagline and we intend to create a perfect ambience for a getaway with a sip of melting milkshakes. With the growing market for ice cream and milk shakes across worldwide, we churn our gelato and Avalanche in authentic Italian making process and blend to the perfect state which results in Premi-Yumm shakes,” he explains.

Coming to the shakes we tried out to yogurt based shakes: Raspberry Day that has a blend of raspberries, with ice-cream topped with berry syrup and Choco Brownie Shake which was a blend of chocolate, homemade brownie and ice-cream, topped with whipping cream and brownie crumbles. They were thick and delicious. Infact, so much so that one had to put some effort to suck the shake through the straw at the beginning. The fruity raspberry was refreshing while the rich chocolate brownie was immensely sinful.

You can choose from fruit shakes made with guava, mango, banana, kiwi, peach, custard apple as well as a wide array of chocolate and nut based varieties.

Tempteys is located right opposite OMR Food Street in Navalur, next to Olympia Opaline Apartments.

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