Imagine enjoying deep forest camping, staying with tribals, jeep ride trips, jungle safaris and peak climbing expeditions with friends. Tent N Trek, started by Manoj Suriya Ramanathan, an MBA from SRM University, offers you many such offbeat travel options through its customised trips. It was set up in 2016 by Suriya, after he got fed-up with a mundane 9 to 5 corporate job. Being a travel enthusiast himself, he felt there were dearth of organised travel options and thus, the idea of Tent N Trek came up.

“Travelling is my passion. I love to explore new places. I love camping and trekking in remote areas that are hardly accessed by people. Camping is a regular adventure activity in USA and Europe but it still hasn’t picked up in India. So I decided to start a travel company with focus on camping and outdoor adventure activities,” says Manoj. It also organizes cycling, surfing and mountaineering.

“With us, customers can expect to crisscross dense forests, lush valleys, high altitude cold deserts, get off the beaten track, participate in adventure sports activities and much more fun. We intend to create a travel community that is highly motivated to carry out adventure tourism and is safe, where even solo woman can come along without fear of any misadventure,” says Manoj.

Talking about organizing such trips, Manoj says, “Lot of factors need to be taken into account. I travel to places, stay there for weeks, explore each and every corner by scouting around, talk with locals, learn the geography and local culture. Once I feel that place has ample scope for adventure and relaxation, I choose to take my group over there. We have trained professionals in our team, who ensure that the people who are travelling with us are safe and have a great time. Our group sizes vary from 20 to 40.” They also host customised camps and corporate outing camps, schools and colleges outings as well as family and friend outings. On a monthly basis, they have about 10 scheduled camps and corporate bookings separately. Currently, they offer camping trips across India but post November have plans to venture abroad as well.

Their next trip is a two-day camping and trekking activity with jeep ride and barbeque to Munnar onSeptember 23 and 24.

You can keep track of their upcoming trips through their Facebook page & their website.