Chennai is embracing fashion like never before and some of the home-grown brands are slowly but steadily making their mark in national and international arenas. After being a part of fashion industry and digital media space for years, founders Thasneem Masood and Adveta Dwivedi decided to launch a brand that would be fashionable and eco-friendly. It was their love for fashion and concern for environment that brought them together. Thus, Rossbelle was born in 2016. It intends to create eco-friendly products by remaining in vogue, quality-conscious and have minimum impact – lesser carbon footprints, minimum wastage, a sustainable environment for the maker and the consumer.

“The aim is to connect and provide women who want to be simple, sophisticated and holistic. Our source of inspiration was none other than Mother Earth. Chennai carries the legacy of being a culturally rich city which has preserved its fine arts, music and dance forms and cuisine. The attribute of being a cosmopolitan city with tradition at its heart goes well with our brand philosophy and thus, it was an ideal place to set up a brand like Rossbelle. But we intend to cater to a global audience and not be limited to a location,” says Thasneem.

Thasneem Masood and Adveta Dwivedi

They currently offer a range of tunics with varied prints, shirt dresses, kimono tops and a new collection of throw-overs. Apart from clothes, they offer hand-made soaps, eco-friendly tote-bags; pouches and laptop sleeves made from the remnants of the fashion industry to try reduce the amount of fabrics reaching landfills.

“As fashion consumers, the appeal of ‘fast fashion’ is high as the up-front cost appears to be less.  However, because the fashion trends change so quickly, this cost is masked by the need to spend more to stay trendy and replace low-quality clothing. There is also the not-so-evident cost of exploiting manual labour, environment and overall society.  When we purchase recycled clothes or ethically-manufactured pieces, we know they costs a little more on the front-side. But in the long run they will not harm the environment,” adds Thasneem.

The brand has also been organizing events in the city to let people know the impact of fast fashion, to reduce consumption, buy a sustainable piece, recycle and reuse.

You can check out the Rossbelle collection on their website or their Facebook page.