Pick one of these spots for your pre-wedding photoshoot

Your wedding dates will be finalized over the next few weeks.  You and your fiancé want everything to be perfect. An event planner has already been roped in to start preparing for the ceremonies. The wedding and pre-wedding photoshoot is a big deal and you don’t want to make a hasty decision. While you are yet to choose the right photographer, you want to narrow down on the locations for pre-wedding shoot. There are plenty of beautiful spots in and around Chennai. Here we present a few lovely options. Do check out:

Neelankarai Beach

If both of you love spending time in the city’s beaches, then you should have your pre-wedding shoot at one. But move over Marina and Elliot’s. They are mostly crowded and done to death. How about trying the much-lesser explored Neelankarai beach? Just enter the arch that says Kapaleeswarar Nagar and walk towards the beach! The water is blue, the sand is not littered with waste and there is hardly anyone even on weekends. Perfect place to cosy up and click few candid shots.


Broken Bridge

Located at the backside of Theosophical Society Forest in Adyar, this bridge is very scenic because one can see the sandy beach and the river at one place. Due to strong river current at this place, this bridge was damaged and broken in the year 1977 and it’s been left unrepaired from that time. Its picturesque location has made it one of the famous shooting spots – be it for movies, short films or pre-wedding shoots.


Dakshin Chitra

If history and architecture have been your area of interest, then you surely would have spent hours at the DakshinaChitra museum, that has heritage houses that recreate original indigenous lifestyle from all southern states. It makes for a wonderful venue and is loved by most Chennai-based wedding photographers. It is a culturally rich and vibrant backdrop for pre-wedding shoot and in case you want to add some colors, there are a lot many dance and musical performances that take place from time to time.


Salt Fields, ECR

If you love driving down ECR for a weekend trip to Puducherry, you would have definitely come across the salterns of Marakkanam, that make for a spending shoot location. The end-point of the South Buckingham Canal, a colonial waterway channeling backwaters between there and Chennai, and extending north all the way to Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh, about 420 kilometers away, this place is teeming with potential. Many times photo enthusiasts take a pit stop at this place to get a few glorious shots. But so far, its potential has not been utilised. We think it is a great backdrop for a couple shoot.


Shore Temple

Another great location for all those who have a knack for history and like an eclectic feel to photos. The Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram is an interesting location for a pre-wedding shoot. The old temple constructed by the Pallava dynasty has been corroded by the consistent action of the sea waves. But this is what gives it a rich appeal! As the light reflects from the stones at different angles, this ancient place brings that ethereal aura to your images. Definitely worth a shot!