Ever longed for crispy, delicious murukkus prepared fondly by grandmother; your mother’s special wheat halwa or just some piping hot sambar sadam with appalam, while you are miles away from home trying to manage work and personal life? I am sure most of you would be vigorously nodding your head in the affirmative. While commercial food ventures might be sprouting by the dozen, there is nothing that can replace the care and love that goes into home-cooked food.

Sweet Karam Coffee, a city-based five-year-old food portal that delivers traditional vegetarian snacks and savouries across India, has managed to make home-cooked food from Tamil households accessible to one and all. This year, they introduced daily meals (including rice, smabar, kootu, poriyal, rasam, buttermilk and more) at a click of a button and their sweets and savouries will be delivered within a day of ordering online (earlier used to take 4-5 days). In addition, they soon will be launching an app for mobile users.

“We had started Sweet Karam Coffee in 2012 to supply sweets and savouries during Deepavali. Within a week, we delivered close to 350-400 kilograms of the same. Next, I decided to start a catering unit supplying bhojanam to houses in Triplicane. Everything was home-cooked by a team of five,” says B. Venkatakrishnan, the founder. In May 2015, the venture swiftly moved online as the demand for online presence grew.

Initially, the cooks were just the women of the household but as the demand grew they approached culinary experts and home-cooks from across Chennai. Now they have close to 30 cooks.

“They are all home-based cooks specialising in a particular snack or savoury from across the city. We ensure that the kitchens maintain a certain hygiene standard,” he adds. The portal roughly gets about 20 to 25 orders on a daily basis. They also prepare and deliver podis, pickles, appalams, vadams, desserts and bakshanams.

“Since we prepare everything on order-basis, all our products are fresh. Unlike most commercial places, it is prepared with a lot of love and care just like your grandmother or mother would make it. It adds another dimension to food,” says B. Venkatakrishnan.

To check out details or order online, log on to sweetkaramcoffee.in . You can also call customer care at 7358068806.

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