In ancient times, every house had a ‘thinnai’ or a veranda which was an outward extended platform in front of the house. It was here that children received their first lessons and were mentored by family members before they entered school. Veranda school in Habibullah Road, T Nagar hopes to imbibe this spirit. The school intends to make the children feel at home.

It is the only playschool in city to completely follow the multiple-intelligences system of education. Here every child is seen as unique and encouraged to identify their own style of learning.

Veranda has a massive play area. It is a mini-park in itself with about 1,000 species of flora, a green lawn and a lovely sandpit. The beautifully decorated and childproofed, themed rooms host engaging activities such as a ball bath and the climbing wall are part of the unique infrastructure.

The school also provides balanced meals and snacks prepared fresh daily and these are based on the advice of nutritionist. Aware that many parents themselves suffer from separation anxiety, the school shares reports throughout the day on each child’s activities. They also run a parenting newsletter that shares toddler-approved weekly menus with recipes and activities that toddlers should engage in.

Veranda Programs are categorised into three categories that include:

Nestlings: 10 months to 1.5 years

Younglings: 1.5 to 2.5 years

Warriors: 2.5 to 3.5 years

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Location: No. 42, Habibullah Road, T.Nagar

For admissions, to join their Free Parenting Community or get alerts for their events, contact them on:

044-28343198 / 044-28343567 / 9841030710