Monday and Tuesdays are high pressure days at work. We have meetings, engagements, deadlines to plan, project reports to submit and et all. By the time we hit Wednesday, most of us are already exhausted. Grabbing a beer or a heady cocktails and chit-chatting with friends or colleagues is a great way to relax and rejuvenate. Check out these places for some great offers:

Thirsty Crow, Valluvarkottam High Road

This is the newest kid on the block and is making waves for having really cool interiors and a fun crowd. They have a One Plus One offer on liquor on Wednesdays and a great DJ who spins some great music. This bar is Chennai’s first step towards acknowledging the trend of steampunk. They have miniature penny-farthing bar stools, a rigged-up orb of power with an antique typewriter, wall panels with dials, classic brass piping on wood and neon-filled tubes. The 1600 sq feet space is an 82-seater but sees a huge footfall on Wednesdays.

10 Downing Street, T Nagar

The charm of one of the city’s oldest clubs refuses to die. 10 Downing Street has so many memories for most Chennaiites. You would have surely been here for a friend’s birthday or farewell and either got sloshed or would have tried to help a drunk friend find a cab for home. The thumping music by the DJ would have surely made you step on the dance floor and groove to the beats. This popular club hosts Ladies’ Night on Wednesdays. Women can avail select beverages for free between 8pm and 11pm. In addition, if you are a group of girls, you will even get a few starters on the house. It is a great place to catch up with your girl gang.

B-Side, Greams Road

Most of us would recollect how excited we were when Plan B came to Chennai. Well, now Plan B in Chennai is known as B-Side with a new management in place. But luckily for us, that hasn’t changed the cool vibe of the place. It continues to attract a very young crowd and on Wednesdays it is difficult to get a seat post 7 pm. They have a One Plus One on all liquors, including cocktail jars. It is impossible not to get wasted, right!

Illusions The Madras Pub, RK Salai

Old is Gold for Chennaiites. Just like 10 Downing Street, Illusions belongs to the first wave of pubs that came up in the city. Although, the place might have seen a slump in patrons, it continues to get a decent footfall. The club feel and the friendly waiters are a big draw. On Wednesdays, the place gets a decent crowd owing to its One Plus One offer on liquor and some great music.

AYR, The Slate, KNK Road, Nungambakkam

The Slate Hotel on KNK Road is the new hotspot and it has not one but two options in its premises for chilling out – Studio, the club and AYR, the rooftop dining space. The latter has a beautiful setting and happy hours daily from 4 pm to 8 pm, where you can get One Plus One on select beverages. Step out of office early and head out to AYR. You will love the place.