While most of us have grown on a steady dose of grandma’s tales, the current generation of children hardly has access to regular interaction with grandparents owing to nuclear set-ups, leave alone the probability of sitting with them for storytelling sessions. As a result, many kids lose out on the opportunity to open up or express themselves.

Storytelling is an art that has numerous positive implications on kid’s behaviour. It helps in improving their imagination, helps them communicate their feelings and even gives an early taste of public speaking. Be it folk tales, animal fables or a personal story, there is nothing more therapeutic than storytelling. These summer vacations enrol your child for a workshop or a course in storytelling. In case, you are looking out for options, we have a few suggestions.

World Storytelling Institute

The World Storytelling Institute facilitates training in, performance of, and discussion about, forms of storytelling. It was founded in March 2008 by Eric Miller, Jeeva Raghunath, and Magdalene Jeyarathnam. In Tamil Nadu, three traditional styles of storytelling exist: Kathaiyum Pattum (Story and Song); Villupattu (Bow Song) and Katha Kalak Chebam, also known as Harikatha (God story).  In cultures all around the world, there are similar styles.  The institute seeks to help these styles be meaningful and useful in the modern world. They host workshops for kids and adults regularly.

Contact: www.storytellinginstitute.org


Kathalaya (Img source : kathalaya.org)

What began as an organisation which was child-centric has now grown into an academy of storytelling. It was founded by Geeta Ramanujam, who is an internationally renowned storyteller, educator, academician, and administrator. They have special children’s workshops that include a two to three-hour session on techniques of telling. Children learn the different techniques like voice, body language, expressions, and aids used for telling stories from professional tellers and it ends with a presentation by the children. In addition, they have other interesting options to choose from. You will be spoilt for choice.

Contact: www.kathalaya.org

Madras Story Works

Madras Story Works was founded in February 2013 by Vasugi Ram Manohar to fulfill the need in children to listen and tell stories for growth and development. They tell stories, read stories and encourage children to tell their stories. They  hold Saturday storytelling sessions at schools, bookstores, play schools, and activity centres in Chennai.

Contact:  www.facebook.com/MadrasStoryWorks