Are you living your one and only life to the fullest? Do you know how to live so? Working for uninterrupted long hours, the hectic metropolitan schedule, too much stress and a lot more are the reasons behind the restlessness all of us go through. Relaxing is the best way to combat this and what can gift you more relaxation than a vacation? And that too when it is about visiting the soothing Southern India?

You must have started visualizing the beauty that this gorgeous place is embedded with! Don’t keep thinking, take some time for yourself and make a visit to this tremendous destination. Ensure that you don’t miss out any place listed below when you are up for travelling South India.

1. Visit Varkala Beach in Kerala

Beaches are love! Aren’t they? Even if you aren’t a beach lover, this time when you visit this astoundingly amazing beach in the spice garden of the country, you will surely become one. The long stretched up cliff bordering the beach offers miraculous views of Arabian Sea that are simply adorable and fascinating.

Varkala is one of the most mind-blowing beaches our country is blessed with. The best time to mark a trip here is end of March or beginning of April as then you will be able to be a part of the Temple fest organized yearly. Don’t forget to miss articles at quaint shops, tempting beach snacks, the view of coconut palms and Of-course the superb scenic views. Have a memorable Varkala visit!

2. Experience Royalty in Mysore, Karnataka

Who doesn’t love to embrace themselves with the richness and spark that royal heritages present? The feeling that you get in your gut as soon as you enter a huge palace makes you feel like you are the emperor yourself. And Mysore will ensure that you get this feeling again and again. This sparkling city of Karnataka allows you to realize what truly lies in royal culture and traditions.

Mysore Palace is the prime attraction that will definitely drive you to capture its heart-throbbing nature into your eyes and camera obviously. Besides this, there is a zoo that is renowned to be something really great to visit and some other royal places and temples are there for you to explore Mysore more and more

3. Feel the bliss in Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Madurai has been a must visit for pilgrims from a really long time as the city is famous for Meenakshi temple that is one of the most beautifully crafted temples you will ever come across in your life. The construction, use of colors, people out there and many more things will never let you forget about the majestic experiences this wonderful city has given you.

Madurai is an ancient city that has been adored for the way its richness reflects into the customs and traditions followed herein. You can make a visit to the local markets; enjoy south Indian Food and other renowned temples therein. And not only Pilgrims, other tourists too visit this place for experiencing the beauty and cherish those moments forever.

4. Visualize the true natural beauty at Ooty

Don’t you get amazed when you feel the charm of calmed hills? If you don’t find it amazing enough, make a visit to Ooty and then nothing can stop you from feeling literally amazed. It is one of the most enchanting and tempting hill stations in South India that is often considered as the optimum place for couples for planning out honeymoons or other vacations.

The town has been referred as- Queen of hill stations and offers visual treat to eyes and soul in the real has got some of the blissful and beautiful lakes that are a true delight for your heart.

Not just that, the accommodation and managing your stay in Ooty is also cheaper as compared to other destinations on the list. Guest Houses, Homestays etc. are readily available across the city and if your decide to book online, in advance, then there are many makemytrip offers on hotel bookings that can be made use.

Don’t miss out the rose garden that contains ample attractions made from different types of roses. Besides this, you can enjoy the commendable view of mountains and experience immense happiness.

5. Enter into the ancient aura of Hampi

Peeping into the history of the country, we get to experience the culture and traditions followed by the people who were associated with the place uncountable years ago. One of such interesting ancient aura is of the place –Hampi situated in the state of Karnataka that is known to be one of the best historical destinations of the country. The village of Hampi was the last capital of Vijaynagar Empire that needs no introduction even today.

It contains more than 500 historical monuments to have a visit along with several intriguing boulders and ruins. For heading up to this marvelous place, one can board different travel options from Goa as it is easy for them to find it from this state. If you are planning a visit to South India but not Hampi, you are going to miss something highly captivating.

6. Soothe your soul at the Backwaters of Kerala

This tremendously adorable, beautiful and enchanting state of South India needs not to validate the magic it emanates! It is often the first place that arrives into your mind when you think of South India. Isn’t it? Though Kerala is renowned for numerous wonderful attractions, but feeling the awesomeness of Kerala backwaters is something that you cannot even dare to miss.

You can embrace the charm of still rivers and an exciting boat journey along with delicious sea food prepared by professional chefs. And the most fascinating part is you can also spend the night on the boat in middle of the gorgeously silent and soothing water and add some unforgettable moments in your life.

Along with this, you can also experience authentic south Indian food and hospitality by booking one of the most popular resorts or homestay properties there. Happy backwaters!

7. Notice French imprints in Pondicherry

Now here comes the most exotic destination of South India whereby you can easily witness the deep imprints, culture and followings of the French people. It is so as formerly Pondicherry was a French colony and thereby it retains a marvelous French Flavor that will make you feel at the top of the world.

It is a remarkable union territory besides Tamil Nadu and is visited by innumerable spirituality seekers in pursuit of enhancing their spiritual goals and life as Sri Aurobindo Ashram is situated here. Besides this you can experience the French-inspired culture of the place by planning a visit to French Quarters, famous restaurants, Promenade, boutiques and a lot more. So when are you planning to visit Pondicherry?

8. Observe antiqueness all over again at Mahabalipuram

South India has a little more to offer to its visitors from across the globe and this city situated in Tamil Nadu is an epitome of the true incredibility that the southern part of the country embodies. It is a beach city and contains so many impeccable places that will leave you astound for sure.

Its Stone Sculpture Industry Is known to manufacture some of the most remarkable structures you have ever visualized, its Shore Temple and Five Rathas Temple are known for the beautiful example of art and culture they prove to be and Arjuna’s Penance offers wide collection of rock paintings and carvings that depict epic scenes from Mahabharata.

If you plan a visit here within the months of December and January, you can also experience the classical dance festival that is being organized yearly here.

9. Spectacular scenic beauty at Coorg, Karnataka

Aren’t you a fan of jaw-dropping scenic beauties? Who isn’t? If you get highly fascinated by visualizing gorgeousness of nature and love to spend your vacations at a place with tempting scenic beauty, Coorg is the perfect travel destination for you. It is well renowned for coffee plantations and alluring mountains that make this city one of the most enchanting travel destinations of Karnataka.

For reaching here, you can simply board from Bangalore and Mysore as these two cities are not so far from this tremendous town. There are numerous great coffee estates that offer travellers a stay as well. Along with this visiting the magical Golden Temple and Buddhist monasteries will provide you a memorable experience of this prestigious place.

10. Embrace Indian culture at fort Kochi, Kerala

India is the land of diversified people, traditions, cultures, values and a lot more. There is no other country in the world that has such an enriching culture as India has! And South India is a collection of some of the best glimpses of this authentic culture of the country. Kochi is one of the most astounding cities of Kerala that is renowned to be one of the most versatile trade ports of India.

Kochi Fort offers innumerable historical destinations that everyone would love to explore more and more. This city has a commendable history and the same has been inspired from the presence of Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, British and Dutch. You can experience the true marvelousness of Kathakali dance here along with getting a great knowledge of the Ayurvedas. So, visit Kochi soon!

Lose yourself to the South

Before you get amazed by the uniqueness, history, culture etc., of foreign countries, must not forget to explore the intricacies that lie in each and every corner of our country. South India is not less than a paradise for any traveller who loves to get influenced by the charismatic views and incredible history. So, when are you planning to lose yourself to this beautiful place?