Chennai is getting pretty used to new watering holes opening almost every month. The latest to join the long list of new partying options is Agent Jack’s Bar, situated in RK Salai, where formerly the popular Illusions pub was located. It is a theme bar where customers can interact with a virtual bartender known as AGENT JACK. Customers use an iOS app or an Android app to bid for drinks. Agent Jack may choose to agree or disagree. Each offer which is rejected by Agent Jack is followed by a humorous comment challenging the customer to try again. The concept brings a mix of humour and interactivity to the bar and provides the customers options to get some great deals.

The franchise, which is four years old and spread across 23 outlets in eight cities, opened its doors in Chennai last week.

While Illusions does evoke nostalgia for old-timers, the new place has completely reworked interiors with a reel of supervillain convicts like Thanos and Harley Quinn on one of the walls. The plush sofas and new bar counter have added a touch of sophistication to the place. However, the biggest attention-drawing factor is the live screen that streams messages of customers interacting with Agent Jack through the app. Agent Jack’s Bar is owned by G Girishkumar and MS Vashishth, also founding partners of Vault Bar Stock Exchange along with a third partner D Arun.

The bar serves innovative cocktails like Chocolate Truffle (concoction of kahlua, baileys, Bacardi and chocolate syrup) and Frozen Banana Diaquiri. In terms of food, you can get everything from Beef Steak, Peri Peri Paneer Tikka, Butterfly Prawns, Nachos to Madurai Kozhi Roast and even Curd Rice with Urali Roast.

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Timings: 12 pm to 12 am

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