They are light as air, have a buttery core and go perfectly well with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Mexican coffee buns are the star of the new café, Antari launched within the premises of the massive Soul Garden Bistro in Kilpauk, right opposite Lifeline Hospital.  Antari is a pure haven for lovers of desserts and breads. In addition, they offer a special Keto menu. The café also serves a range of organic coffee and tea blends.

We tried out the buns in both coffee and cinnamon crust varieties and found both equally delicious with crusty top and pillow-soft insides. They are planning to launch matcha and charcoal-infused crusts as well in some time. Everything is baked in-house and is fresh. You can opt for toppings like Crunchy Peanut Butter, Caramel with Crunchy Biscuit, Chocolate Fudge with Fudge Brownie, White chocolate with Red Velvet Crumbles and lot many options. They also have coffee and bun combo or any hot beverage and bun combo or a cutting chai and bun combo. Among beverages, we couldn’t help but notice that they offer Sunshine Turmeric Latte. Oh, and they also serve churros – deep fried and sinful but delicious to the core. Another amazing dessert is their recreation of the original Theobrama cake. It is purely divine option for dessert lovers.

For all those of you, who are conscious about your calorie intake, the café has a special Keto-based menu. They have soups, salads, Keto tandoori platter, north Indian curry and low-carb rotis, cauliflower rice, Keto-based ratatouille and ultra-low carb Keto pizza. They even have special beverages for this section of the menu.

Location: Antari, Soul Garden Bistro, No. 86 /59, New Avadi Road, Kilpauk

Timings11 am to 11 pm