Are you the kinds who can chug gallons of beer and yet manage to stand on your two feet without swaying? If so, you would have surely played Beer Pong with friends on a drunken night. Beer Pong Slam is a drinking game in which players attempt to throw ping-pong balls across a table into an opponent’s cups filled with beer. It is played between two teams. The Pitch, the sports lounge at The Metroplace Hotels in Ascendas IT Park will be hosting the tournament.

If this sounds like a lot of fun, this event is for you. Players are required to drink the beer if the ball drops in their cup. The first team to hit all their opponent’s cups wins. The losing team is required to drink whatever beer is left on the table.

There are attractive cash prizes waiting for the winners. If you lose you still get to drink beer and take goodie bags home. Win-win we say!

You got skills, love beer and want to make your night; then get you’re a- game on and just head to The Pitch for the Beer Pong Slam.

The event will be held on September 23 and you need to register for the same. For more details call on 087544 23140