The idea of Japanese food in Chennai might not be palatable to many food enthusiasts. But the city has had an unexpected love affair with Japanese food, thanks to a large population of expats. Sushi rolls are often made with fresh seafood and Chennai scores over many other places in the country, when it comes to this particular ingredient. While many believe sushi is acquired taste, there is no two ways that it is healthy and made with fresh meat or veggies (yes we have vegetarian versions!), it tastes delectable. Here are five places in the city that offer some mean sushi options:


The restaurant, part of the Oriental Cuisine group of restaurants, began catering to the general public from 2010. They’ve been so successful; they opened in Bangalore in 2014. The eatery has been one of the favourite haunts for savouring sushi rolls. To adopt to the local preferences, the place even offers vegetable maki rolls.

A2, The Park

This is the newest entry in the list. A2 offers delicious sashimi and nigiri-sushi platters. Try a platter of sahimi (raw, freshly cut salmon, Hamachi) and slices of raw fish atop oblong, compacted mound of rice (nigiri-sushi) served with a dab of pungent wasabi and pink gari ginger. They also serve brilliant prawn and salmon sushi.

Pan-Asian, ITC Grand Chola

As the name suggests, the place serves cuisine from Mongolia, Indonesia to China and Japan. But interestingly the restaurant has a whole sushi station and serves huge variety of nigari- sushi, maki-sushi, sashimi and different combination platters. It might pinch your pocket slightly but surely it will leave a lasting impact on your palate.


Located in Alwarpet, it is one of the most popular places in the city to savour Japanese food and offers delicious sushi and sashimi at a nominal price. They offer platters of mixed meat sushi and sashimi as well as individual options. You will find everything from tuna, red snapper, horse mackeral to seer fish and crab meat. Hungry much!