The Elliot’s Beach or the Besant Nagar beach has always been a popular spot to hang out with friends and family. The cool breeze from the sea, the beautiful walkway and the relatively clean beach (as compared to Marina) makes it a clear favorite. But what really sets it apart is that the area is fast evolving as a food hub. There might be multiple malls with food courts in the city now, but the idea of savoring food in the open with the fresh air around is definitely more enticing. So the place actually makes for a great food walk option.

Start your walk by trying out Mr. Potato’s delicious spiral-shaped potatoes. The kiosk, run by MJ Abdul Azeez and MG Nagendran, has fast emerged as the top snack choice at Bessy. It is fun to watch them making it. Washed and cleaned potatoes are inserted into specially-made bamboo skewers (bought from Assam) and fed into the cutting machine. The skewers give the potato a unique spiral shape. It looks pretty! It doesn’t end there; the slices are then dipped into a specially-made ‘magic mix’, which gives it flavour, and then it is deep-fried. It is sinful but pure delight to eat this. Then move on to Goli’s vada pav takeaway located bang opposite Mr. Potato. It is a national chain that sells tantalising varieties of vada pav like cheese vada pav, aloo tikka vada pav, spinach and makai vada pav and lots more. With soft buns and spicy garlic chutney, they are divine. Once you have had your fill, just take a little break. If you are little thirsty by now, there is a refreshing soda shop right next to Mr. Potato. Just sip on some lemon soda and walk to the sandy beach.

Mr. Potato

Sit for a while and absorb the cool breeze. Let your tummy get some rest before you can head to the bhajji stalls at the beach. No trip to the beach is complete without savouring some deep fried plantain or mirchi bajji with freshly made chutney. If you are craving for some non-vegetarian option, ditch the bajji and grab a plate of fried fish, freshly caught from the sea. Once you have had your fill and still have some space in your tummy, just go to The Kati Roll stall next to Cozy restaurant. Try out their chicken malai roll or anda mutton roll, you will definitely get transported to the bylanes of Kolkata. Crisp, flaky paratha filled with meat and a few chutneys will leave you asking for more (alas you hardly have any space left!). The vegetarians can give chatapata aloo roll or malai paneer roll a try. You shall not be disappointed.

If you are not a roll person, then probably you shall jump at the option of a juicy meat burger from Pupil. They are one of the oldest burger joint in the city and made waves much before Double Roti or Brick House Bistro set shop. The place enjoys a loyal clientele and continuous to churn out a great variety of burgers.

And round off your food walk, with a glass of jigarthanda from Murugan Idli Shop, if you can walk towards the other end of Bessy. After all that hogging, you might need this might just be the thing to digest what you have had. But if you seriously can’t make it there are tonnes of ice cream joints like Ibaco, Pabrai’s and Baskin Robbins right at the corner. Just grab a scoop of your favourite flavour and finish on a sweet note.