It requires a lot more planning to undergo a motorcycle road trip than to undertake an equivalent car journey, for a motorcycle has a limited capacity as compared to that of a car. Motorcyclists have to think each and every aspect very deeply because of too many practical limitations regarding various aspects of a motorcycle road trip. For example, the storage capacity of many a bike is limited and long distance riders have to take hard decisions about how much of what items they need to pack along. In short, followings are some of the key points about planning a great motorcycle road trip.

Do Consider the Crucial Points

How long you plan to be on the journey, where you intend to go, what about to keep lodging during nights and what “must pack” items you should carry along are some of the most crucial points you will have to consider and decide before going on a road trip. Besides, some safety and repair kit is also a must-have for a motorcycle road trip. Essential items like Honda motorcycle accessories may prove very handy in this regard.

Inspect Your Bike Thoroughly  

Before choosing to hit the open road, you must inspect your bike efficiently and thoroughly in each and every aspect as follows.


Before traveling, you must make it sure by using an air pressure monitor that both the tires are duly inflated. Never risk riding on old tires and replace them immediately.


Make sure that all the cables and controls of your motorcycle are intact and working.

Oil and Fluids

Do check each and everything from engine oil to coolant and brake fluid. Also keep in mind to always use the best quality oil and fluids.

Lights and Electrical Wiring

Get the complete electrical wiring thoroughly checked and make sure that each and every switch and connection works properly. Also ensure the proper working of all the lights (head light, dipper, back light and signals)


Verify the fitness of the frame, suspension, chain and fasteners to the maximum level of satisfaction.


Testify the strength and working of the main and side stands to serve you properly. Make sure that no stand is cracked or bent.

Packing Tips

When it comes to packing for a long distance motorcycle ride, you must keep a fine balance between packing enough items to encomfort yourself and not overburdening yourself with unnecessary weight and bulk. You will have to invest in storage bags if you are not riding a fully fledged touring motorcycle. These bags may include saddle bags or panniers, hard bags, tank bags, tail bags, etc. As regarding your clothes, try to pack several thin layers of clothing instead of a few thick ones. A good touring suit and all season motorcycle jackets will prove a worthwhile investment. Moreover, in order to balance the whole weight, you should keep the heavier solid items on the bottom or sides while the lighter ones should come on top.

Equip Yourself Fully Well

Safety first. Save yourself with a full-face helmet, elbow and knee guards, gloves and long shoes not only against accidents but also against severe weather conditions. Sometimes, you may feel constricted due to excessive heat, but choosing safety over style always gives huge benefits with respect to long term health and well being of a person.

Plan Your Route

You must have a route plan with you all the time, either in the form of a portable GPS system or in any other form so that you may not get lost on your way. Pace your journey in a realistic way; there is no need to keep riding for too many hours at a stretch, for it causes a negative impact on your reflexes and decision making ability. After all, charm lies more in travelling than in arriving at your destination. While riding, stop whenever and wherever necessary and take a breather to refresh yourself for further riding. It will make your journey all the more enjoyable.

In the end, I will say that no plan is ever absolute, so you should keep yourself mentally prepared all the time to face and handle something untoward. You may even have to re-write your plan whenever necessary, but you are sure to have enjoyed a lot in the end.