The air feels festive. The weather is almost pleasant or atleast, the intense heat is gone. As you are gearing up to shop for clothes, diyas and crackers for Deepavali, it is also the right time to start preparations for making snacks and sweets for the festival. There are quite a few edibles that are associated with the festival and you just can’t have enough of them. Do you want to know the top favourite snacks and sweets of Chennaiites for Deepavali? Check out the list:

Rava laddoo

There is something about rava sweets. Usually prepared in ghee, they leave a lasting taste and feel on the palate. Rava laddoos are prepared in advance and stored in jars for visiting guests.

Coconut barfi

These are another royal favourites for the festival. Coconut barfi or thengai barfi is very easy to prepare and needs no expertise. It is a very delicious fudge made with fresh grated coconut and has a chewy taste. The fresher the coconut, the better the sweet quality.

Kaju Katli

Kaju katli is a popular sweet for the occasion of Deepavali throughout India. You can add some saffron to make it even richer. This expensive sweet can be easily made at home. It is very addictive and more often than not people end up eating 2-3 in one go. So ensure you make enough.


Murukku is synonymous with Deepavali in Tamil Nadu. The crispy savoury is the perfect accompaniment to the sweets and is a great snack to munch on. From thenkuzhal murukku, mullu murukku to cashew and butter murukku, you can pick your favourite. Just ensure you store them in air-tight containers, so that they remain crisp for long. No fun, otherwise!


It is a favourite with kids and can be prepared with just gram flour or besan. You do need use the plate with many holes in the murukku maker to make it. It is delicious, light and addictive. Prepare them in advance and keep.


Another staple for giving your tongue some relief from sweet overdose. You can make poha mixture with peanuts and curry leaves, cornflakes mixture with raisins or simply a mixture with kara boondi and omapodi.