Let’s admit it. While many of us don’t mind playing a game of football with friends in the evenings or over weekends, Chennai hardly has many options. Parks and open spaces are limited. In order to ensure that you don’t lose out on playing, a new place at Koyambedu offers you options of playing turf football, soap football, futsal and basketball inside its premises.

Zeezoo is dedicated to nurture football in Chennai and they have a really cool turf and other facilities at affordable pricing. If you wish to play soap football, you can book a slot for a 60 mins, 4v4 game. For uninitiated, soap football entails playing football on a soapy floor without any grip. But ofcourse, you will be provided with knee and elbow pads. The basketball arena has a solid vinyl flooring and is perfect for a game of three on three or five on five.

The price range varies from Rs 1800 to Rs 2800 and the best part is the place is open till 2 am at night on weekends!

So, get off your PS4, and get on to the pitch.

Location: Zeezoo, Ten Square Mall, SH 2, Koyambedu

Timings12 pm onwards

More Details are available on their FB Page.

Images Source : Facebook