Embodying ITC Hotels’ ethos of ‘Responsible Luxury’, ITC Grand Chola, Chennai is celebrating the timeless ‘Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees’ of Tamil Nadu this Christmas.

Adorning the beautiful grand staircase at the lobby, is a unique 15 ft. Christmas tree embellished with Silk (Pattu) Sarees sourced from Kanchipuram, the birthplace of Kanjeevaram Sarees. The Christmas tree comes alive in resplendent silk, with saris and half-saris (pattu pavadas), neatly frilled like hand-fans, in rich borders. Golden ferns, pearls and precious stones are tastefully placed in the tree, with gifts wrapped in bright boxes placed at the bottom.

Saris are distinguished by their wide contrast borders. The patterns and designs in the Christmas tree takes its inspiration from images and scriptures in South Indian temples or natural features like leaves, birds (peacock) and animals. The five-layered tree has certain significance:

Layer 5: For the Royal Family (Queens ): Sarees with rich woven pallu and work of  zari  (gold threads)
Layer 4 : Commoners/ Peasants: Checks with golden  threads with bright colours were designed for the peasants.
Layer 3 : Princess Sarees: With pleasant colours with gold thread and pink pallus were designed for the Royal families.
Layer 2 : Children: The sarees in bright colours and thick colourful borders were designed for Children .
Layer 1: Elders and Priestess : Beige sarees with thin gold threads were designed for the priestess and the elders of the Royal family