Do you love photography and have a thing for vintage products? Then you surely will feel like you have entered a wonderland as you enter Dr. A.V. Arun’s camera museum on the ECR. More than 1,500 cameras of different types, sizes and forms from across the globe are a part of this museum. Dr. Arun has collected these cameras for over 20 years.

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The cameras are cataloged and dated as per information available and traceable. The oldest cameras date back to 1875. Other than film cameras, the collection also consists of light meters, movie cameras, movie projectors, camera catalogs, and a lot of accessory photographic equipment.

The rare Hughton London camera from 1900, which is eight-foot-long and five-foot-tall, is the highlight of this collection. The museum also has many other decade-old cameras from across the globe, which will be hard to find anywhere else in India. The place even has cameras used by the Air Force of different countries during World War 2.

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The air-conditioned museum sees a decent footfall over weekends, especially from photography enthusiasts. Photography workshops and lectures are also held from time to time.

So, next time you are driving down the ECR, do keep an eye on this fascinating museum.

Location: No 3, ECR, Kovalam