There is nothing that a piping hot plate of gooey haleem topped with fried onons, ghee-doused dry fruits, dash of lime and green chillies can’t cure! The popular dish is made of a mixture of mashed tender mutton, pounded wheat and lentils, simmered and stirred for six hours with numerous aromatic herbs and spices. It is consumed specifically during Ramzan, especially during breaking fast as it is nourishing and high on calories. While the dish is found in almost every bylane of Hyderabad during Ramzan, Chennai too has its fair share of options.

Pista House, Royapettah and OMR

It is as authentic as it can get! Till 2014, haleem from the Hyderabad-based Pista House used to be flown into the city daily during the month of Ramzan. But seeing its massive consumption in the city, they set up kitchens at Royapettah and Perungudi for the holy month to serve fresh haleem. They also sell packaged haleem out of numerous stores and restaurants in the city. The haleem at Pista house is spicy and extremely rich in taste and flavour. This year they have even introduced a vegan version of the dish prepared with fresh vegetables and dry fruits. You might want to book in advance. It is available from 3 pm onwards.

Palmshore, Santhome, Egmore, Ramapuram and Ashok Nagar

Established in 2008 with its first outlet in Santhome, Palmshore is now one of the best Arabian Restaurant in Chennai. Now they have outlets in Ramapuram, Egmore and Ashok Nagar. The place serves delicious biriyani (they made news for the Full Goat Biriyani that they added to their menu recently) and non-vegetarian curries, kebabs and tandoori delicacies. In the month of Ramzan, the restaurant prepares delicious mutton Haleem. They also have special Iftaar packs for the evening.

Paradise, OMR and Adyar

If you are looking for the authentic Hyderabadi Haleem, then what better place to go to than the famous Paradise (on OMR and Adyar). They handpick the ingredients and use loads of pure ghee. This place is perfect to savour the delicacy. Started in 1953 as a small café serving tea and snacks in Hyderabad, Paradise has transformed into a popular chain and is famous for its delicious biriyani, paaya and authentic Hyderabadi delights. You can’t miss their Haleem.

 Abid’s, Chetpet

This place organises a special Iftaar buffet during the month of Ramzaan. Nombu kaanji, kebabs, mutton samosa and biriyani is always on the menu. But the biggest draw is their delicious Haleem. Smooth and topped with fried onions, the meat porridge is absolutely kickass. There are no bones here or too much floating oil and all ingredients are well-balanced.

The Fisherman’s Fare, Egmore

Located on the Casa Major Road in Egmore, this restaurant is an old favourite of haleem-lovers in Chennai. It was actually the first eatery to make haleem mainstream in the city. Their mutton haleem is absolutely to-die for! The Fisherman’s Fare makes a slightly creamier and subtly spiced version of the Hyderabadi variety. They add a pinch of garam masala to round off the kick from the whole spices. 

Rasavid, Karapakkam

You would have visited this restaurant for your share of Hyderabadi biryani and gosht. The restaurant serves delicious haleem during Ramzan and Muharram. The eatery believes in 3Gs when it comes to haleem- Gosht (mutton), Ghee (clarified butter) and Gehoon (wheat). This concept was introduced by the Nizams and is like a gospel to produce authentic haleem. Rasavid does follow it to the tee.

Haleem Express, Triplicane

The lanes of Triplicane are the best bet if you intend to savour iftaar delicacies. From mutton samosas, biryani, tandoori chicken to anda ka mitha and dum ka rot; they have it all. So it comes as no surprise that the area also houses one of the top favourite haleem joints called Haleem Express. It is hard to miss as they are located near the Walajah mosque and is run by two brothers since 2005, making them pretty much the pioneers of haleem in Chennai. They are known for flawless blending of wheat, barley, lentils and meat with spices and dry fruits. The brothers belong to a family of cooks and hence use century-old recipes and homegrown spices to create the dish. Definitely a must, if you are in the area.

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