Sherlock and Watson compete to catch the eye of guests at the café. It is a difficult choice since both are equally cute. Sherlock is the naughty one while Watson is the silent, brooding types. These two are the cutesy pets of the new pet-friendly café in town, This Way In located in T Nagar. They are fun to play with and amazing to hold as you spoil them with love and get a few licks from them along the way. In addition, you can get your pets to the café. It also has exotic birds, trained to entertain visitors.

There is an innovative variety of mocktails and shakes, carefully curated main course with utmost importance given to satiate all food lovers and tonnes of love on offer. From a variety of fries, nachos, garlic bread, cake shakes and iced teas to burgers, chicken main course and some good-old fish and chips – it has some great options to try out. Most of the dishes are also named quite interestingly. For instance, Crispy Fried Devilled Eggs is called as Inside Out on the menu; the potato pops with dripping cheese is called The Potato Next Door; a combination of chicken and cheese is called The Farm Unchained and a shake prepared with coffee and cocoa is named Glad We Met.

The entire café has a casual vibe and one can choose to play with pets, read books or play board games as they enjoy some great finger food, burgers and shakes.4

The place conducts Open Mic nights in association with Chennai Comedy from 7.30 pm onwards and has Happy Hours on weekdays from 2pm to 4pm, where eat anything and choose something of equal value free.

Location: 9/5, Dheenadayalu Street, T Nagar

Timings: 12 pm to 11 pm

Images : Facebook