Ever wondered what can be done with used soda bottle caps, old magazines, safety pins, metal washers or stained-glass shards? Well, if you are creative enough, you can actually create beautiful art pieces out of them. Meet city-based jewellery designer Nidhi, who has her own brand of upcycled jewellery, Madraskarri.

A fashion-designing graduate from Hamstech Institute in Hyderabad, Nidhi puts forth that she always had a great passion towards handicrafts and dreamt of creating her own identity. “I was looking for a way to repurpose scraps and other easily available materials in the market. I started off by making accessories by upcycling used products for myself to match with my apparels. I got amazing feedback from friends and colleagues. Then, I decided to take orders for customized pieces. Madraskarri is less than a year-old now,” says Nidhi.

Nidhi’s line of accessories includes colourful handcrafted finger rings, pendants and bracelets made by using materials like safety pins, soda bottle caps, old magazines, leftover fabrics and stained-glass shard for both men and women. “I believe in making the best-out-of-waste through recycling and repurposing. The brand aims to be a part of the responsible, sustainable and zero-waste fashion movement, that’s taken the world by storm,” says Nidhi. She has been displaying her collection at various pop-ups and exhibitions across the city and has a thriving social media presence.

She is currently working on a new collection which has about 40 pieces of different necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings etc. Colour-blocked jewellery technique is something she seeks to master and is next on her agenda. She is also looking at setting up an online store, so that the products are easily available for quick purchase.

Madraskarri will be a part of the upcoming event, Madras Margharita to be held at Tiki Taka, T.Nagar, on June 23 and 24