Food has the power to trigger memories and evoke nostalgia. The flavours of Punjab have serenaded foodies from across the country and beyond. Garam phulka doused in ghee along with piping hot dal tadka, spicy aloo dum, creamy butter chicken and frothy lassi have the power to instantly raise hunger pangs. If you have been missing North Indian khana for a while now, we suggest you head to MGR Salai in Perungudi. We guarantee food coma.

 Lucky Da Punjabi Dhaba

It was started in 2015 by Divya and Dev Parwani, who also run Pind and Bhatinda Xpress in Velachery. The eatery has a kitschy feel to it replete with charpoy, vintage phones and neon-lit shelves. But it does have space constraint and gets pretty crowded during lunch hours. The parathas are flaky and loaded with ghee, curries are satiating and there is generous amount of ghee in most bread varieties. Their chicken Patiala is a huge hit and so are chaas in beer bottle and kulhad di lassi.

Desi Rasoi’s Pait Pooja

This small little Punjabi dhaba has literally four tables and is easy to miss. But once you see the eager crowd waiting to get their hands on their aloo paratha served with rajma or chole combo or the terrific butter naans, you will surely have no trouble finding the place. The unassuming eatery guarantees home-style sabzis, phulka and parathas. The prices are reasonable and the menu is limited. However, if you are not looking for good old North Indian comfort food, this is the place to be.


Looking for an authentic dhaba experience? Just walk into Sher-E-Punjab that has a cool open air dhaba set up with cemented seats and old Hindi film music playing in the background. It also has an airconditioned setting on the first floor. The place is a regular haunt of the IT crowd and is known for its yummy naans, parathas and dal makhni. The creamy lassi is a huge crowd puller.

 Kake Da Punjabi Dhabba

This one is the newest of the lot and has really cool and quirky interiors. It is colourful and has cane chairs and charpoys for seating. Do have a look at the authentic dhaba-style cutlery as well. It is pretty crowded during lunch time. The paneer gravies and non-vegetarian kebabs are a favourite among foodies.