Imagine walking into an activity centre that has activities for kids and adults alike. You can probably spend your Sundays here with your family. Not in a Box is an initiative by two women – Nidhi Thadani and Anjali Sacheti- that intends to be an activity space that promotes creativity and learning.

 Not a Box hopes to inspire children and adults to leave their devices and their shoes at the door to evoke creativity, encourage observation, interaction, discovery and learning while having fun with the entire family. There is also space to conduct classes, exhibitions, demos or gatherings that follow the spirit of discovery, fun and learning.

 Kids and adults of all ages can play, observe, create and learn in the different areas spread across its two floors. A dressing zone gives way to an obstacle course that circles an open layout designed to be used for multiple purposes with moving panels.

Not a Box uses the basic three shapes – Circle, triangle and square in all its elements. The equipment is designed in-house to provide a range of experiences and is locally crafted or sourced. Built on the idea of creative play, the basic building blocks and sensory input is provided for children to free play and for adults to rediscover the joy of play.

There are monkey bars, ziplining arena and a shoulder-high wall to climb for all those looking for some physical activity. If you love reading, there is a separate books section and if you are the kinds who finds art redeeming, then try using their white boards to let your creative juices flow. There are colour blocks, puzzles and other activities for kids that involve using their brain.

A dedicated toddler area and a cafe with books and board games round off the experience.

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