Chennai-based architects Swethambari Sridharan and Gokulraj Kailash JT were working on their Masters’ thesis in parametric architecture at an university in Spain in 2013. Equipped with an user-friendly lab, they stepped out of their comfort zones and started experimenting with eccentric designs, which were considered impossible until then. They created 3D printed accessories at the lab.

An open competition held by a company, Wondeluk (a company that specialises in 3d printed accessories in London) in 2014 helped them reach the international market and they entered into a contract with the company to create jewellery. Upon completion of their contract with the company, the duo decided to rebrand the line and start afresh as a product design line in the Indian market. Thus, was born the idea of the brand Porul and the unique line of 3D printed accessories will be launched at a special pop-up exhibition in Wandering Artist, RA Puram over the weekend.This exhibition is being held in collaboration with DIY Interiors.

The 3d printed accessories by the brand reflect the designers’ aesthetic appeal, in generating architectural forms through line based geometry. 3D printing as a technology allows the designer to create intricate and complicated pieces, where an element is woven together to be spatial yet three dimensional and printed as a monolith. The line currently has pendants, rings and earrings.

They are currently taking orders only online and customize accessories according to your needs.

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