Looking out for fun activity to do with your friends over weekend or a night out with colleagues on weekdays? Well, you do have a great option now. Airborne is city’s first exclusive Trampoline Park and has been attracting a lot of attention from young and old alike.

Trampolining is a popular sport in countries abroad. It relieves stress and activates all your muscles in the legs, stomach and core; it is considered serious fitness regimen if followed regularly. In India, it has not received its due attention and this place intends to do just that and create an avenue for fun and fitness.

The Park is owned by Mohammed Wasif, who was inspired from his visit to a trampoline place in Hong Kong.

The 2500 sq ft space is spread with colour-bordered grey trampoline squares and rectangles.

While most sports activities like football, tennis or swimming require a certain skill set, this is one sport that hardly requires any skill and is physically engaging as well as a lot of fun.


30 mintues – INR 250
45 minutes – INR  330
60 minutes – INR  390
Addtional 15 minutes –  INR  50

Location : KNK Road, Numgambakkam, Chennai