Planning a long drive on Sunday morning and are unsure about the destination? How about going back in time to 17th century and spending some quiet time in the vicinity of ruins from the era. Don’t rack your brains trying to figure out the place. We are talking about the less-explored but immensely beautiful ruins of the Alamparai fort off the ECR.

The ruins of Alamparai Fort lie near Kadappakkam, a village 50 km from Mamallapuram on the land overlooking the sea. It was constructed in the late 17th century during the Mughal era and was the primary port of trade for the Arcot nawabs. The Alamparai Fort once had a 100-metre long dockyard stretching into the sea, from which zari cloth, salt, and ghee were exported. During 1735 AD it was ruled by Nawab of Arcot, Doste Ali Khan. In 1750, for the services rendered by the famous French Commander Duplex to Subedar Muzarfarzang, the fort was given to the French. After the Carnatic wars, when the French were defeated by the British, the fort was captured and destroyed in 1760 AD. More recently the structure was even more damaged in the 2004 tsunami.

 The fort is in a very scenic location, near a natural lagoon and the adjoining village is inhabited by fishermen. There is not much to see at the forts for all left with is just the ruins of the compound wall alongside the sea. But you can surely spend some quiet time sitting at a corner and gazing at the beautiful sea. You can carry a small picnic basket with you for a breakfast and then after spending a couple of hours at the fort, head straight to Mamallapuram for a hearty seafood feast.