As you step inside the premises of Amelie’s Café and Creamery, you almost feel transported to a Parisian Café. There is lot of greenery, plenty of lighting, high ceiling and a bright yellow and green décor. The entire café is divided into four different seating areas and over weekends the place is always full. The dessert and ice-cream section is the most attractive part of the café, where you can see tiramisu, pastries, baked yogurt and goat cheese and strawberry popsicles rubbing shoulders with each other. Those with a sweet tooth will find it difficult to narrow down upon one option. You might end up ordering more than you had want! They also offer overloaded shakes, smoothies and absolutely kick-ass coffee choices. This might become your favorite coffee place in this part of the town.

But Amelie’s is not just about desserts and ice-creams. They have a pretty exhaustive savory menu. They have a soup and salad of the day. We got to taste their tomato basil soup and lemongrass chicken and both the options were packed with flavors and were absolutely satiating. They have an all-day breakfast menu that comprise of eggs in scrambled, poached omelette and Benedict forms, chicken sausages, salad and English muffins.

From the appetizers section, do not miss their Peanut Butter chicken skewers, grilled cottage cheese sticks and barbequed chicken wings. The chicken is cooked to perfection in both the options and the cottage cheese sticks are served with balsamic vinegar, stuffed with gherkins and capers. They are perfect start to a delicious meal.

If you love breads, you surely need to try their flatbreads and baos. The melt-in-mouth softness of bao bread stuffed with your choice of stuffing and the thin, flaky flatbread with your choice of topping is a definite crowd-pleaser. We fell in love with their Minced Thai chicken bao.

From their main course, do give a shot to their Couscous Risotto with Moroccan Stew and root vegetables – it is subtle, light and quite delicious. Non-vegetarians need to try out Cajun grilled chicken with baby potatoes or the Teriyaki chicken leg with French beans and buttered baby potatoes. Both the dishes come with delectable sauces, great sides and are quite filling.

Whatever, you eat, you surely have to leave space for their platted desserts and handcrafted ice-creams. From Peanut Sable and Dulce Mousse Cake, Salted Caramel Coffee Tart, Hazelnut Crème Brulee to Saffron Baked Yogurt with Pistachio Crumble – you name it, they have it. In addition, they prepare wide variety of ice creams in flavors like Manhattan Cheese Cake, Jackfruit and Chilly Pop Corn. They also have ice-cream cakes, pastries and popsicles.

Location6, Seshadri Road, Venus Colony, Alwarpet

Timings11 am to 11 pm