Having control over your sexual health is a primary ingredient of a happy life. Being sexually fit and healthy involves some basic guidelines to dig in. You need to practice safe sex and act wisely. This sexual prevention can be beneficial for both you and your partner. It will save you from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) etc. Not only that but by practicing safe sex, you will be able to easily avoid unplanned pregnancy as well.

How Can you Practice Safe Sex?


  • Do your homework:


Be it the birth control options or the future plans with your soul mate, you need to analyze your sexual life. After all, it is better to stay a step ahead of your sexual problems and be a little more proactive. If you are confused about your sex-life and do not know how to practice safe sex more often, then take professional help from your health care provider.



  • Go for monthly or bimonthly check-ups:


Through these check-ups, you are able to identify where you stand in your sexual life. You also get to know what you can do to spice it up while keeping it safe at the same time. At each check-up, you can assess yourself in a better way and move a step closer to a much healthier sex-life. These check-ups will also alarm you about sexually transmitted diseases and any unplanned pregnancy you have been trying to avoid.



  • Never forget to use protection:


This statement of using protection may sound too cliché but it is actually the best way to lower the risk of getting STIs and UTIs. You just need to know the right way of using protection when having a sexual encounter and you are good to go. Moreover, if either one of you is allergic to the latex condoms (traditional ones), you should always use on the polyurethane condoms.



  • Be honest with your partner:


Communication is a key to a healthy sex-life. All you need to do is remain honest with your partner and let them know about your decision of practicing safe sex. There is no way your partner will overlook this wise decision of yours, as this will benefit both of you.



  • Use birth control and UTI pills:


Just like the use of pills to avoid STDs, you need to start taking reliable birth control and a daily UTI prevention pill, when required. Having a urinary infection or a sexually transmitted disease can be catastrophic for you and your partner’s future, so stay on the safe side. In addition, our genital area is sensitive and easily susceptible to bacterial attacks, so the most effective way to ward off any microbial attack is by consuming UTI pills that prevent UTIs after sex. Also, visit your healthcare provider frequently to ensure your sexual health is on the right track.

Sex is beautiful; it is a rite, which leads to new life on the planet. Practicing safe sex could be a little uncomfortable and frustrating but it just as important as worrying about your physical and mental health. Instead of regretting about your past mistakes, become more proactive and practice safe sex.