Everyone wants a radiant, glowing skin as well as a healthy metabolism. You can enjoy health & wellness along with a stunning skin aura but you need to take care of your diet. For a smooth and youthful skin, add a variety of nutritional foods in your diet. Experts recommend the use of whole wheat foods, veggies, fruits, fish and lean meat. Today, I will discuss the top five foods that would help you keep younger as well as healthier. The key is their consistent and optimal use. Simply include the following foods in your daily diet, and you would look younger for years to come!


Aside from using top skin care products like an anti aging serum, the best Vitamin C serum and sunscreens, you should also focus on adding value to your everyday meals for a smooth skin. Oats are complex carbohydrates that are low-glycemic. This cereal provides you protection against high blood pressure and diabetes as well as slows down ageing. Oats have a natural plant chemical that helps avoid damage to skin cells and soothes skin irritation. I also advise you to try other grains like barley and wheat for a younger aura.


Add some oranges to daily meals to get the much needed Vitamin C. Oranges are rich in water; they hydrate your skin and keep your cells supple and young. A large orange give you a good amount of vitamin C and helps build collagen.


These delicious pear-like fruits are also a great anti aging food for women  looking for a radiant skin and a younger feel. Avocado helps keep your metabolism strong and protects you against harmful diseases as well. It is loaded with a productive type of fat, monounsaturated fat, which steps up your skin’s vitality and keeps the cells hydrated. An avocado in your daily diet includes enough healthy fat to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients that your skin requires to stay healthy.

Lean Beef

Lean beef, such as top sirloin, is key to getting high-quality protein that helps build collagen to jack up your skin health. I recommend taking a 2 to 4 ounce serving at least two to three times a week. You can also eat different kinds of lean protein; fish, seafood and poultry are good protein sources as well. Try not to cook your meat over a very high heat. Instead, cook it lightly while flipping it to keep the anti-aging properties of the beef intact.

Brussels Sprouts

If you are aiming for a top source of skin-friendly nutrients like vitamins A, vitamin C and folate then opt for Brussels Sprouts. These includes vitamin C that promotes collagen. The Vitamin A and folate help prevent sun damage. Use a bit of olive oil, a few nuts and add in Brussels Sprouts with some scallions to make up a healthy salad for an amazing, youthful look to your face. Alternatives like collard greens, broccoli, cauliflower and kale are also excellent options.