Besant Nagar or the Elliot’s beach, as it is popularly known, is a top choice to hang out with friends and family. The place has numerous eating out options apart from the beautiful coastline. Tucked in a quiet bylane of Besant Nagar is a relatively lesser-known organic eatery. If you detest the idea of unhealthy burgers, chats, momos or potato spirals, then you should head to Ka. It is a haven for all those who like to eat healthy and wholesome.

The warm, yellow  and painted board with lines from the thirukural warmly welcomes us to the restaurant. If you are curious, these lines roughly translate to, “If it be said that the duties of life cannot be discharged by any person without water , so without rain there cannot be the flowing of water”.  Enough food for thought, eh? Wait till you enter the place. The walls are decorated with drawings by children that talks about environmental consciousness. And even the name ‘Ka’ has roots in the Tamil language. We were informed by the restaurant manager that in Tamil, the Meiezhuthu, which is the consonant ‘Ik’ and the Uyirezhuthu, which is the vowel ‘Aa’ joins to form the compound character ‘Ka’. Many words in Tamil have ‘Ka’ in it and hence, the love for the language led to the name of the restaurant.

As soon as we took our seat, we were served a complimentary drink. It was made of Citron (Naarthangaai) and Cuscus grass (Vetti vaer) and was meant to aid digestion. They menu offers a range of dosas, idlis and vadas along with a few Chinese specialties. They also have quite a few millet based dishes as well. The price range of most of the dishes ranges from INR 40 to 300.

 The restaurant serves dishes prepared with organic vegetables and fruits. They use the water from clay pot for cooking their dishes and making beverages. They also serve quite a few novel dishes like Millet Idiyappam, Godhumai vazhaipazhai adai which is a wheat and banana pancake and a variety of Ginger Tea. Also if your kids hate eating idiyappam you can probably make them eat the unconventional ‘Red Idiyappam’ or ‘Orange idiyappam’ at Ka. These are actually beetroot and carrot based idiyappam!  This is not all, they even have sweets prepared with beetroot that taste heavenly.

We can go on and on but you need to explore the menu on your own! Next weekend try this place out and revel in healthy food paradise.

Timings: 11.30 am – 10.30 pm

Images: Self/FB Page

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