Since the time it has launched in Chennai, Mamagoto has given enough reasons to make it the go-to place for Pan Asian food. Be it the colourful décor and setting, the delicious food or the constantly evolving menu, the eatery has created a name and place in every foodie’e heart. So, it comes as no surprise when they decide to add on the current super favourite Maki rolls to their exhaustive menu.

For the uninitiated, Maki rolls are Japanese rice rolls, usually wrapped in Nori seaweed, with a variety of cooked fillings and raw vegetables. They are light, wholesome and packed with robust flavours. It is an absolute delight to simply pop them into your mouth.

Mamagoto is currently offering six varieties of Maki rolls – three vegetarian and three non-vegetarian options. We were fortunate enough to get a pick of the choicest rolls at their Khader Nawaz Khan Road outlet and were floored. Among the vegetarian varieties do not forget to try the Crispy Mushroom Maki Roll that is filled with sriracha and soy marinated button mushrooms, tanuki, cucumber and roasted sesame seeds and the Asparagus Tempura roll that consists of tempura fried crispy asparagus and cream cheese.

 In the non-vegetarian section, we devoured the California Roll that is prepared with crab sticks, Japanese mayonnaise, flying fish roe and avocado. This one was stellar and absolute favourite. We also enjoyed the Ebi Tempura roll prepared with tempura fried crispy prawns, katsuo mayonnaise, cucumber and spring onions.

 Maki Rolls have become a rage in the global food arena and are a favourite among all those who relish Japanese cuisine. Mamagoto intends to offer its patrons with these delightful rolls.

 While the prices might appear a bit steep (starts from INR 350), the portion is good (about 7-8 rolls) and with most of the ingredients being imported from abroad; they are pretty much reasonable.


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